Sesame is classified as a flower. It can grow in difficult and even drought like conditions but it is best when properly treated and grown with fertilizers in domestic situations. It grows as a flower which in later stages develops into a pod shaped fruit. This capsule like fruit opens when mature and has small, flat, light brown colored seeds inside that can be sorted and pressed to extract an oil that is excellent for cooking thus giving a gentle, nutty like flavor to any food it is added to.

After extracting the oil from its seeds, the seeds can be ground into a flour to make bread, cakes or cookies. The most popular use of Sesame has been seen on the top of hamburger buns or Sesame sticks and candy but other uses include making tahini paste, tahini balls and other treats.

Body soaps, hair shampoos, ointments and various hair products are even known to have amounts of Sesame added because of its medicinal properties.Sesame is regarded as a seed capable of lowering cholesterol, regulating high blood pressure and protecting your liver from damage. It is a very good source of cooper, magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron and vitamin B1.

Our organization has been able to work with cooperatives that provide high quality Sesame that originate from sub tropical regions in West Africa. The color of seeds and freshness of products from harvest, to sorting, packaging and storage give surety of consumer confidence and customer satisfaction.

We supply Sesame Seeds in wholesale and retail quantity. Contact us for more information.

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