The producers and collaborators hail from Gambia, Burkina Faso, Guniea Conakry, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali, and Nigeria, practicing organic farming to adhere to fairtrade standards. Ensuring the promotion of sustainable development by offering better trading conditions and protecting and securing the rights of marginalised producers and workers in the developing countries.

F&OT facilitates the long term business relationships between sellers and buyers, giving sellers access a ready sales market both through domestic markets and for export, while simultaneous ensuring buyers are tapping into a correct certified standards products. This ensures the buyers engage in a social benefit by helping producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and promote sustainability.

F&OT will continuously commit through holistic development projects with the producers and farmers. Funds will be directed to producers through crop prefinancing and expansion projects.

In addition, F&OT becomes part of the the process by committing to producers in line with fair trade policies.




FONIO One of Africa’s smallest ancient grains, Fonio belongs to the millet species and resembles a cross between couscous and quinoa. Fonio has recently grown in popularity amongst foodies…

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BAOBAB Just as fonio is termed a super grain, Baobab must be categorized as a super fruit. The Baobab tree grows in many parts of Africa but is quite…

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Moringa leaves with paste


MORINGA Strictly because of its virtues, Moringa must be classified as a super plant that is grown in Africa, Asia, India and other tropical areas in the world. The…

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Sesame Seeds


SESAME SEEDS Sesame is classified as a flower. It can grow in difficult and even drought like conditions but it is best when properly treated and grown with fertilizers…

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