Moringa leaves with paste

Strictly because of its virtues, Moringa must be classified as a super plant that is grown in Africa, Asia, India and other tropical areas in the world. The leaves, bark, fruit, seeds, roots and flowers can be used to eat as well as make medicine.

The Moringa leaf in particular, can be consumed fresh, cooked, made into powders, put into soups, salads, sauces and beverages which will instantly add vitamins, minerals and added proteins for heightened nutrition. For use as food benefits, Moringa is being claimed as the tiny leaf capable of saving millions of lives.

Moringa is heralded in traditional practice as a wonderful medicinal and naturopathic cure-all for skin enhancement, stimulating hair growth, increasing energy and endurance, improving vision, and strengthening the immune system. Working as an anti depressant, anti fungal, anti ulcer and anti cholesterol, anti tumor medicine, various pharmaceutical companies have taken to distilling, processing and packaging the leaves to make oil that can be used in food, perfumes, shampoos, hair products, soaps and lotions.

Growing year round with several opportunities to harvest, has truly made Moringa a valuable and suitable choice for our organization to invest in and advocate its importance as a superb product for the wellness of Africa and the rest of the entire world.

We supply Moringa in wholesale and retail quantity. Contact us for more information.

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