Just as fonio is termed a super grain, Baobab must be categorized as a super fruit. The Baobab tree grows in many parts of Africa but is quite abundant in West Africa with some trees as old as 1,000 years old and more.

All parts of the Baobab tree can be utilized-wood, seeds, leaves and the pulp. The unusual shaped velvet skin fruit is full of vitamin C, calcium and antioxidants which can be eaten fresh, dried, roasted, powdered, baked and puréed.

The seeds have anti inflammatory and anti anxiety properties. By pressing the seeds, oil can be extracted which can be used for cooking, cosmetics, creams, lotions and shampoos. Its leaves can be used for cooking in different sauces, fresh salads or soups.

For nutritional value, Baobab has 10 times the antioxidant level of oranges, 6 times more vitamin C, twice as much calcium as milk, it holds properties of phosphorus for building strong bones and potassium which is good for nerves, muscle and the brain.

New techniques are even being developed to roast the seeds to be used as as excellent substitute for coffee. It is also great for pregnant and expectant mothers as it eliminates intake of caffeine which can harm unborn babies.

The future of Baobab is without limits as new discoveries are continuously being made. Our blog and website will always reflect any new updates about Baobab as it is a necessity to keep our valued clients well informed.

We supply Baobab in wholesale and retail quantity. Contact us for more information.

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