Foods & Organics Trading was founded by Zahra Sallah. With important partnerships and the synergizing of viable resources, Foods and Organics Trading creates international trade opportunities for African farmers.


Foods & Organics Trading ( F&OT ) duly registered in The Gambia was founded by Zahra Sallah who is also the CEO. She has a strong reputation within the West African region as having initiated charitable and business endeavors with international partners. The birth of F&OT is the formalizing of the founder’s diverse business aims and social-economic intentions to enhance the livelihoods of the African farmer.

With important partnerships and the synergizing of viable resources, F&OT creates international trade opportunities for African farmers. F&OT is also focused on the marketing and supply of fonio, Africa’s oldest grain that now has a growing demand both locally and internationally. It is rich in amino acids and said to be the most nutritious of Earth’s grains. Its low sugar content also makes it ideal for people with diabetes. It is also drought-resistant, making it an ideal crop for developing nations in West Africa struggling to cope with climate change.

Demand for organic and fairtrade products is increasing on the international markets and this offers opportunities for the smaller farmers in developing countries. F&OT is well placed to facilitate these possibilities for African women and farmers through its structure and networks.

Foods & Organics Trading Services:

  • Establish reputable Trade & Business links between West African farming cooperatives and International / Multinational Companies involved in Agriculture and Commodities
  • Due Diligence & Trading Services: ensuring export standards, quantities, procedures, logistics, and paperwork are in order, funding is going through the right channels and beneficiaries through special trade accounts
  • Provide Advisory services to International Companies to facilitate and expedite on structuring and business objectives in the Gambia
  • Trading of Food Products & Commodities
  • Provide support to farming cooperatives / communities to boost crop yields and also improve standards of living


F&OT products are of the highest quality adhering to international standards.

The traded super foods are expertly chosen to enhance nutritional and health benefits with high vitamin content and antioxidants to reduce toxicity in the body.

According to healthcare "super foods " are nutrient powerhouse that pack large doses of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. Eating power foods can help maintain good health reduces the risk of chronic disease and excellent in weight management.

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The producers and collaborators hail from Gambia, Burkina Faso, Guinea Conakry, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali, and Nigeria, practicing organic farming to adhere to fair trade standards. Ensuring the promotion of sustainable development by offering better trading conditions and protecting and securing the rights of marginalised producers and workers in the developing countries.

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Foods & Organics Trading works diligently to provide tangible farming support to women cooperatives and small-scale farmers in the rural communities thereby reducing poverty and enhancing economic growth.

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We are on the ground travelling to connect the best quality grains and foods to the best wholesale suppliers! - keep you posted.

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Please feel free to contact us if you require further information about our products or our company in general.